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Here we will be exploring how to create our own NFT ourselves, not by using a generator or some marketplace to do it for us. We will create the NFT and actually write it on the blockchain to leave our mark on history and for future generations to see. For this we will need to spend some of our hard-earned cash, as to write transactions on a blockchain you need gas, and gas is paid in cryptocurrency, and cryptocurrency needs to be purchased. To keep costs to a minimum (around 2.50€ at time of writing) we will be using the…

NFTs have hit media headlines recently; Christie’s recently auctioned one for over $69 million, Jack Dorsey (the creator of Twitter) sold his first tweet for nearly $3 million, heck, even the NBA is selling them (“limited edition guaranteed by the blockchain”). So, what are they, why is everybody going crazy about this, and more importantly, how can I get rich off them?


“Token” is easy. We all know what a token is, just a simpler way of saying “thing that looks a bit like a coin or note”. But what about this weird term “non-fungible”? Well, it is a…


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